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          Welcome to Hangzhou Sanye New Material Co., Ltd.

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          SY 318D Environment-friendly Calcium/Zinc compound stabilizer for cable material ZP708 Zinc-based liquid compound stabilizer for PVC pipe fittingsKGF-R liquid stabilizer for wire and cableDiisobutyl phthalate (DIBP)G-328 high-efficient & multi-functional compound stabilizer for ConduitKGF-B Environment-friendly liquid compound stabilizer
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          There are more than 100 staffs in our company now, more than 70 percent of them have college education and 10 staffs have medium or senior titles. Our Chairman Ye Pei (senior economist) is the core member of R & D and management team, and other core members have the history of being a member of management team of famous companies and enterprises; they are the professional managers with years of experiences from practical operation. Led by this steady management team in past 20 years, we have accumulated abundant experiences in the fields of technical innovation and product development; moreover, we also establish and obtain unique competitive advantage both on business development and industry development.

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          Office: +86-571-56030888 Technological dept.: +86-571-56030860 Sales section: +86-571-56030860 Fax: +86-571-88293669 or 56030853

          Add: 703/12 Lehe.zhihuiyuan, 28# Xiangyuanlu, Gongshu, Hangzhou, China 310011 E - mail: sanye@hi2000.com URL: www.wv944.com

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