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          Welcome to Hangzhou Sanye New Material Co., Ltd.

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          SY 318D Environment-friendly Calcium/Zinc compound stabilizer for cable material ZP708 Zinc-based liquid compound stabilizer for PVC pipe fittingsKGF-R liquid stabilizer for wire and cableDiisobutyl phthalate (DIBP)G-328 high-efficient & multi-functional compound stabilizer for ConduitKGF-B Environment-friendly liquid compound stabilizer
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          Sanye New Material: A, Manufacturer of plastic processing auxiliaries; B, Service provider of "Netsun Sanye supply chain finance" ; C, PVC online marketer .

          Manufacturer of plastic processing auxiliaries

          Hangzhou Sanye New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 (which was listed at NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) on January 19, 2015; Stock code: 831636). At present, we are a senior manufacturer specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of plastic auxiliaries; we are also the first president unit of China Thermal Stabilizer   Association; and the chairman   unit of PVC Small and Medium Pipe Enterprise Industry Alliance. Now, our head office is located in Northern Software Park of Hangzhou City, and our subsidiary-Hangzhou Lifu Industry Co., Ltd is situated at the bank side of beautiful Fuchun River. With an annual sales income of CNY 300 million, we mainly produce. DIBP plasticizer and KGF organic calcium liquid thermal stabilizer product (KGF product is reached and developed by our company independently and has five patents for invention by now). Under the supports of first-class production technology, strong technical force, advanced production equipment and facilities as well as well-operated quality management system, we now have the good abilities to provide customers with high quality products and comprehensive after-sales service.

          To be a winner in the increasingly fierce market competition, we combined  the direction of product development  closely with the industrial policy of China, spent nearly eight years  and invested millions of dollars in the research and development of green, environment-friendly and low energy consumption of new materials products ---- KGF liquid organic calcium thermal stabilizer.

          This product was listed into "National Torch Plan"; as the Key technology innovation project of Zhejiang province, it has won the "Second Award of Science and Technology Progress of Hangzhou City" and "Award of Science and Technology Progress of Gongshu District", etc.

          We found a research and development center of high-tech product to develop new products and new technology constantly; up to now, we have applied seven patents and obtained 5 invention patents; the technologies of our products rank the leading position of this trade of China.


          Service provider of "Netsun Sanye supply chain finance"

          In order to enhance the market competitiveness of products, our company provides a rigid demand service for target customer ---- to promote trade by services.

          First, we organize and found "PVC Small and Medium Pipe Enterprises Industry Alliance" (abbreviation PSA Alliance). Hangzhou Sanye New Material Stock Co., Ltd. is the chairman unit of PSA Alliance.

          Second, we provide "Netsun Sanye supply chain finance" services for the member enterprises of PSA alliance (we are the Service provider of "Netsun Sanye supply chain finance" of this project).

          This marketing model can organize target customer groups in the most effective way. By providing rigid  demand services for core target customers ,  it can transfer old product sale and purchase relationship into present strategic partnership, so that kind of strategic partnership between companies and their customers can get development in a long-term, stable and healthy way, and is not changed with the changes of market and product competition.


          PVC online marketer

          Invested by Zhejiang Netsun Stock Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 002095) and Hangzhou Sanye New Material Stock Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 831636), Ningbo Sanye Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Ningbo Sanye) is a specialized Management company of Supply Chain. As a service provider and practitioner of integrated solution of supply chain, we take PVC online trade as opportunity and strive to lead more companies and enterprises into the "Internet +" of supply chain.


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          Office: +86-571-56030888 Technological dept.: +86-571-56030860 Sales section: +86-571-56030860 Fax: +86-571-88293669 or 56030853

          Add: 703/12 Lehe.zhihuiyuan, 28# Xiangyuanlu, Gongshu, Hangzhou, China 310011 E - mail: sanye@hi2000.com URL: www.wv944.com

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